RS485 MiniNode


For use with AccSens Plus access  

control system and  

numerous other possibilities in  

OEM applications. 

Relay controls the door lock mechanism 

2 inputs for monitoring door sensors and other equipment 

Communicates with a Master host via a bi-directional RS485 bus 

Converts Clock and Data format signals from up to two access readers to RS485 for communication on the bus

OUTPUT POWER SUPPLY  5V DC +/ 10% (Reading Head)
RELAY OUTPUT  1 Relay with change-over contacts 

Rating: 3A @ 24V AC/DC

SOLID STATE INPUTS  2 Solid State Inputs 

Activate low (100mA max)

CODING  Clock & Data to RS485 protocol
DEFAULT BAUD RATE  Factory Set to 19200 Baud
LINE TERMINATION (LAST NODE)  120 – 180 resistor to be placed across RS485 terminal
COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL  SensAble Sensors comms protocol
STATUS INDICATION  LED 1 (GREEN) – Pulsing “Heartbeat” Indicator  250ms Pulse-Processor running 

LED 2 (GREEN) – Node Indicator  

500ms Flashing – off line 

Off – Awaiting programming 

LED 3 (RED) – Card Reader Indicator 

Short Pulse – Answering back

NODE ADDRESS  Set by the controller
RESET  On board push button


(The Company reserves the right to amend product specifications and information without notice.)

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